edit- I guess my question is, How do you apply modes in jamming? If someone gave me a B then G then A power chords, where would fret would i start a mode on, and does it matter which mode you do as long as you start on the same fret?

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D ionian is just D major.

D E F# G A B C# D

D5: D A
G5: G D
A5: A E

i guess those would be good power chords for D Ionian.

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Depends on the mood of the song and how the chord progression sounds like.
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I can answer this but it wont be perfect guitar theory. You would simple start that mode, on the low e string on the fret that is the correct note. I play just where ever the chords are, IE, you want to jam in A, start at 5th fret of low e. Now, I know if you play the manor mode there you get a more upbeat solo, if you want to slow it down in the middle for whatever effect, just slide up 4 frets and play the major. I was tought this and it works pretty well I must say. It always sounds good and because you can switch modes you have variation that you know will sound good. Or, I could be totally wrong, just experiment.