Robson amp and 1st Act or Ion bass.

But seriously, Washburn and Yamaha have some cheap basses worth the $$.
A used treasure, and just lil busted up amp for now, or depending on the music you wanna play, just wait for a good amp later after saving up for awhile.

I found a nice fender used (in great shape i might add) for $220. (sold on most retailing websites for 700ish range)
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ibanez makes good cheap basses, yamaha too, just take care of it if you get a yamaha, they fall apart in my experience

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I started on bass a few months ago with a Squire starter pack. Its a little more than you wanted to spend ($299 at Musicians Friend/Guitar Center), but it comes with a guitar, amp, cable, gig bag, strap, and instructional video. So far mine has held up pretty well, but I do try to take good care of it.
Get on Craigs List--you will find all sorts of nice basses for below $250. You just have to be very patient, and search beyond your local area. Do a Google search, type "craigslist" and the kind of bass you want. You will get a global search for that bass. I browse almost everyday, and find absolute gems on there for cheap.

I found a 1965 Guild Starfire for $600, an Epiphone Rivoli for $450, and a Fender Precision for $200. They all needed a little treaking, but they are all crowns in my collection now.
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Q-tuner PUs (0X0 configuration) and HG Thor Labs for the best fretless bass tone. MWAH FACTOR!!!