So, I've been studying physics and for wave motion we have to remember certain parts of the ear. There are three bones in the inner ear. And this is my way of remembering them (or, what we have to know of them- I don't think these are the real names).

There's three bones, and I've decided to make a black metal band out of them:

There's the Anvil, he's the vocalist and guitarist.

Next up is the Stirrup, he's the bass player.

And finally, the Hammer is the drummer. He plays drums.

And if you want to go outside the box, the pinna is the producer.

EDIT: ........buttsecks ... in the ear.
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cute, but really was it thread worthy.
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Oh my bloody god. Imagine if you were a girl and you woke up to find your little brother's friend standing over you with his erect penis on your breasts...

no it wasn't thread worthy. now if you worked in buttsecks somehow, more people would not hate this thread.
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When the man wants more buttsecks, you give more buttsecks; thus are the ways of The Pit.
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So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.