Ok, so I got my Carvin MTS head today (from eBay), and I love the sound, but I've been having a few issues. 1: The clean channel. When I play most notes on the low E, A, or D strings it has this odd fuzzy buzz sound; it's not very pleasant. It's silent when I'm not playing, and it's there whenever I play a note, but if I mute the strings it instantly stops with the note. It also happens on the distorted channel, but is almost unnoticeable unless I'm playing much higher (like 12th fret up on the high E string). On eBay the guy mentioned the amp might need biasing (though it does have an EL34/6L6 bias switch). Could the noise be a result of bad biasing? 2: On the distorted channel when I have the gain all the way up, the master volume at 1.5 or 2, and the volume on my guitar way low, it starts picking up radio stations. I'm thinking it might be my cable, which I can try switching, but I do have a good cable. And, well, that's all that's happening. I would think it might be a tube problem, but the guy claims they only have 18-20 hours on them. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance

EDIT: I thought a link to the auction might help: http://cgi.ebay.com/Carvin-MTS-3200-amp-head-MTS3200_W0QQitemZ280066737022QQihZ018QQcategoryZ10171QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

EDIT 2: Just thought I'd add, I don't mind changing the tubes, as I was planning on it anyway (it has EL34s and I'd rather have 6L6s, plus backups are good) it's just that I have a gig on Sat. and if possible I'd like to have it working right by then.
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Nice find and great price! I'm not too sure about the buzzing sound. Are your cable(s) shielded? If not, that's most likely the cause for picking up radio signals.
I'm pretty sure it's shielded (it's thicker than the kind that come with a guitar) though I guess I'm not sure; it's sort of a generic brand I got at a local store. I'll go try out my other cable quick.
Have the amp checked out, see what a tech says. If there's anything wrong try contacting the seller and see if he'll chip in.
So I just tried my other cable and now the radio isn't coming in at all with either cable, which is good. But I've just noticed that when palm muting, the fuzzy stuff is there as the note dies out; which seems to be a long time. I'll see if I can get it to a tech soon though; hopefully somebody can do something about it

It might be worth nothing, though, then when I first started using it, it didn't really seem to have the buzz. I don't know if it was since the tubes started warming up, but now it's still there even after I have it off for a while. It was sitting outside for a while though, before I got home, and they were pretty cold when I started playing... I dunno.
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All right, well, I'm thinking about biasing it myself (assuming that's the issue). Is there anything I should know about, i.e. electrocuting myself to death? Would it be a bad idea to try if the only information I have is what I can find on google?
Eurotube has a video on how to bias a carvin amp.
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^Sweet! I'll check that out.

Edit: All right, so I watched it and it doesn't seem to be that hard... but he had a bias probe and some meters and stuff... Any idea where I could get the equipment I'd need and how much it might cost?
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Is the buzzing coming from the speakers or from the amp? Older tubes can get rattles and also become microphonic. A tube swap might fix all that.

If it's coming from the speakers you might try your head with a different cab and see if it stops.
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^I'm 99.9% sure it's the amp, as I was running a crappy combo through the cab until now, and it didn't have the noise at all. And the tubes are only 18-20 hours old (or so the guy says...) I'll try the biasing though, and if that works then great, but if not I'm planning on changing the tubes anyway. If none of that works, well... I'm screwed