you just gotta jam with people....or you can buy a loop station, pick a key, record some chords in that key and improv over that
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lol. Has anyone seen the Metalocalypse Blues Episode?
record some base chords in w/e scale you want then start jamming with basic scales like


thats what i did to start jamming.... just move that scale up and down the fretboard
(or w/e key you're in) and do some bends, etc.
always try to hit some of the notes in the chord that you're playing. knowing your triads/areggipos always helps too.
Hehe... I've starting "improvising" a different way. I learned a collection of blues songs and now I mismatch parts of them for a very effective blues leads. Of course I'm ripping off other people, but it's just better that way

Maybe eventually I really learn some scales and stuff but for now I'm just having fun...
try to play the root note of the backing chord each time it changes. helps to make it sound good while ur learnin. eg..

E--0--3-------- etc. ----3------etc. -------0-3------------0--
----^ root-------------^root----------^root----------------^root

u get the idea
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It's all in the mind. Know what you're playing and what you want to sound like.
And go to Musician Talk.
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Sing your lines. You might look stupid but it really helps get the ideas in your head onto your guitar. Think David Guilmore in Wish You Where Here
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lol. Has anyone seen the Metalocalypse Blues Episode?

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Improve playing? Go jam with people better then you. They can show u lots of neat tricks