i just want to know if a custom made esp is worth the 5-7 grand?
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It's worth it as a collectible. Will it play any better than an Eclipse? Maybe, but you'll have a one of a kind guitar. Sort of like the Jackson custom shop guitars.

If you're just looking for a great guitar you can get as good a guitar for half that easy.
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it all depends on how you have the guitar set, you can do alot more, get a wider nut, have a thinner or thicker neck, its preferance, but your paying for ESP having their lutiers make the guitar in japan
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You are pretty much paying for that "one-of-a-kind" bragging right. The materials are all top notch and the best you can get, but 5-7 grand? No.

If you don't really care about having a one of, then just look at their High end ESP models such as the Eclipse and viper.
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i think 5+k for a non collectable guitar is too much. if you want something you can play all the time which is also high quality look into getting a luthier to build you one or just buy a topline production model.
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i wont be getting it for a while, right now im playing a schecter c-1 classic i want to put emgs in it though an 81bridge and 85 neck.
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You're just paying more since the ESP Company is making one custom for you (name=$$). You could get similar if not better by paying small business luthiers/custom shops to make one out for you.

BTW that's just a rough price quote from the custom shop online order form. If you really want to get the real numbers you either gotta call them or submit your specs online, hopefully they'll reply.
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