So as a lot of us know this guitar part is tricky.. and especially hard to sing and play.. so I had to play it to my ability while singing it, Its better then just chords (verses)..

snow hey oh!!

I also raised it a step

Thanks to anyone who listens!!! i appreciate it a lot
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just for the hell of and its a long ass song haha i like your style!! Great singing, decent guitar, you should def just sing cuz u own at singing!!! Its good to see a nice tenor voice nowadays. Turn the gain on ur mics down tho, or oding it alot.
nice job man
really good
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As always that was great and well done with playing and singing at the same time.
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nice,i like it,great cover,as usual
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Hey man - really liked it - great voice, nice...

Crit mine please - any you feel like from my sig and:


Thanks dude

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i really love your version of this song. this is my favourite chillies song from the new album and you have done an amazing job at covering this. i like that you have raised it a step it suits your vocals superbly. i have just started to sing in songs i record. im finding it hard just now do you have any tips? id love to have a voice like yours. i can notice what was said a few posts up that the gai nshould be turned down alittle.

could you crit mines please?

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! you gotta give me the tabs
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Yeah, very nicely done. Great voice and way to keep the guitar playing relatively clean while running through those vocals - very impressive.

Personally, I like your version better.
Fair ****s to you man to be able to sing it and play together!

Not much to say other than good job man!!
good as usual, is it true you went to canadian idol and placed 50th? thats really good
Really good cover. It's quite a difficult song to play anyway; let alone sing as well.
Can't really fault anythying about it apart from the vocals are a bit too loud. Apart form that 9/10
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
that was great...
favrotie song by RHCP!!
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