im wanting to expand my library of guitar riffs, and i just want to learn as many riffs as possible.. i just dont know where to start?
suggestions? please?
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the intro to Pride and Joy by Stevie ray Vaughan
Zebra! llll llll llll llll llll

Save the Zebra's
Back in Black by AC/DC is a must!

The Everything Evil main riff by coheed is pretty cool, also "the suffering "riff
this might be an obscure one, but learn the little country/southern lick in the middle of the song megalodon by the band mastodon, its only short but it sounds absolutely awesome with the right tone, and you can throw it in anywhere haha
Diezel, Motherfucker
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train... pretty fun

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Here is any awesome site for riffs/licks. I dont think you will find heaps of famous riffs but there is definately alot of licks for you to use in your solo's and lead work.

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