k so i've been playing guitar for about 2 and a half with 1 year acoustic and 1 and a half electric. so ever since i got my electric i was wondering what kind it was. it has the telecaster BODY but its a first act. Any ideas??
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Yeah, save up for at least a Squire or a Mexican Tele
It'll be worth the extra money
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The telecaster has a very distinct sound. Make sure its' what you're looking for before you start saving the money up.
^indeed, its one of those instruments that sound very distinct, so know what youre getting into when you buy it.

Mexican Tele's is just a way of saying, fender telecasters that are Made in Mexico (MIM) opposed to American Tele's, Made in America (MIA), that goes with most Fender projects, there are also Made in Japan fenders (MIJ) as well,

MIM are hte cheapest of the 3, MIAs are most expensive, MIJ's are mid ranged, but there are very well built ones that are worth a pretty penny as well,

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^Nah, one bridge single-coil and one neck mini humbucker.
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^actually it doesnt.

the neck one looks like a mini humbucker, it's actually a singlecoil.

unless you have a "fat" telecaster, which has a normal size humbucker. i got me one of those.

and to the threadstarter, the tele has a really distinct sound. it's one of those guitars that if you want the sound, you have to get the guitar.
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^A humbucker is a pickup. There's two kinds. One of them is single coil and the other is a humbucker. The whole explanation is on the Announcement in the Guitar Gear & Accessories Forum.
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