I live in the middle of nowhere, if i could I would go out and try all of the amps i would, but since my resources are limited to hour drives to music stores with real inventories I'd like to have an idea of what brands or models I should check out so I know which stores to check out. I'm playing on an Epiphone 335 DOT and a crap old peavey right now. I want an amp that can handle everything as I do jazz and blues with an instructor and I'm in a punk/rock band with my friends. My price cap is somewhere around $1000. Im not looking for something with too many effects as i just think pedals are better. Also something with the power to gig with is perferred. Thanks much.
a fender tube combo will suit you nicely, (i hope your talking USD). Also, i tried the crate palamino series tube amp, and i really liked it. really classic crunchy tube sound, and a beautiful box to look at. ( in your price range of course)
fender tube amps def get the blues and jazz stuff but with pedals you can get good punk and rock tones. the hughes and kettner 20w tube combo is also good.
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the vox AD50VT is great, it has like 9 effects and 11 amps simulators, it sounds amazing and 50 watts is a lot for a gig, its around 450 dollars
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So I like what i'm hearing about the fender tubes. While write ups and reviews make the Blues Deluxe Reissue seem like what i'm after, i just cant find anywhere near me that has them in stock. I read that the modern versions of this are the Hot Rod and Hot Rod Devilles. While i coudl afford one of the Devilles, that just sounds like im paying for ridiculously high power ammounts. Any comments about the Hot Rod and how it compares to other tube combos?