Damn it! I was almost sure on getting my RG560 tomorroe for $350, and now I come across this!

I sent the guy and e-mail, and i'm gonna call him tonight or tomorrow.

Seems like a great deal if it's in good condition, this guitar goes for almost $700.
Oh I can deal with it. If my dad is willing to drive to NY, or if this guy will ship it, I think im in luck!

Should I go for it? It's $50 cheaper, comes with everything + gig bag and a practice amp.
I called the guy, and he said he'll hold onto it for me, I can probably get there on Sunday.

So what do you guys think, good deal? I mean it's practically new, and is going for half-price.
Make sure there are no problems because that is insanely cheap.

flickr you might
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Buy It !!!!

I think it's an absolutely fantastic deal

If it's as adverstised then congratulations man on a very fine guitar
Go for it. Played one, and it owns. Necks a little thick for an Ibby though.
I'm back, you douchebags.
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Go for it. Played one, and it owns. Necks a little thick for an Ibby though.

I've actually head the neck is thin and fast
heh, I'm used to the Ibanez Wizard (Super thin)
I dont know what I'd do If I played a gibson.
I'm back, you douchebags.
great deal gonna be a big step up from ur gsa60 good job looking around for the best steal.
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I just contacted the guy, he assured me that it's in mint condition, no scratches or cracks, he's only played it two times ever.

He's including a gig bad and this small practice amp.

Im gonna buy it!