I was talking to a guy the other day about a Peavey head hybrid that had a tube power amp and a SS preamp. I've only heard of the other way around so I was wondering what you guys thought about it.
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thatwould sound ok for some stuff, I guess it would add warmth to the sound, but you wouldnt be ableto get a lot of tube OD. but you would be abletoplay the amp a lot louder than normal without nasty SS breakup.
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I beleive they were called vt classic's. I tries to snag a 50 watt 2x12 combo last weekend for $170 shipped but missed out.
The one i was looking at had a effects loop and i was going to use it with my gnx3000.
I think it would have kicked ass
As long as there is a tube in there somewhere. Alot of Rack systems have tube power amps and ss preamps (I do) and even though it is a Behringer I can get all kinds of sound out of it. They are really quite nice
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Yeah, that would probably help a lot with volume, and you'd probably be able to get power tube distortion