I just saw a kramer x-plorer for about $150 and i was shocked it was only that much and it had a flloyd rose and 24 frets.I was wondering if it would be worth buying. Im reletaively new with guitar and i am kinda looking for what might be a good next guitar.I looked and i could get the guitar and the case for about 200.Please dont tell me to get something else, just let me know if any of you have played it and if it is decent. Thanks.
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its 150 bucks....if you have a job that even pays minimum wage thats only like 21 hours worth of work.....not that big of a deal if you have a steady job....if i were you id just go for it
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If he has a job he can work, save more, and maybe buy a decent guitar.

For 150 bucks you ain't gonna get a guitar with a good Floyd Rose.
Well, I suggest you go for it, then gradually keep on saving your money in order to do all sorts of mods on it.
Without more detail about the guitar it's hard to tell. But if it's an older Kramer Explorer, it's totally worth it. You could easily recoup that on ebay if you had to.
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its a new one- if you dont like it you can return it within 30 days. musicyo has a great return policy.
Theey're great axes
For that price you'll probably have a really crappy floyd that will go out of tune quickly. have you got any more information about the guitar? (type of wood, pickups etc...)
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here is the website. i personally have the Kramerstriker with the floyd. its a great axe. the pickups actually sound good. best bang for the buck u could buy anywhere IMHO.i saw my guitar store selling my exact same guitar for 435USD i was laughing cuz i payed a good ole 225 NEW!. here is the link i would recommend this guitar to anyone i love mine!
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