K so basicly im looking for a nice high gain Tube Combo at around $550 Canadian or less.
Im Basicly looking to get kinda like a Michael Angelo/Joe Satriani rocky tone thats also good for sweeping and that kinda stuff.
I already have a Landmine Disto. Pedal and looking to add to the amps gain with it to get it as heavy as I want it.
Before i was looking at a Peavey Valve King 112 but i decided not to get it since i realized it wasn't really a high gain amp.
O and i live in the Toronto area so I probobly wont be able to get a Randall and an Engl and amps like that, just to clear that up.

Any suggestions would be nice, Thanks
If you look hard enough, you could find a JCM 900 Dual Reverb combo for around that. That's all that I can think of.
thatsabout $470 US and im assuming the base prices shouldnt be too horribly different, yeah id say a used JCM 900 combo is about all youd be able to afford, and even that will be a stretch. You should really save up a bit more.
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Try a Peavey XXX combo. Satriani played through XXX's for a while before he got his signature JSX.
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