I know everyone learns at a different rate but, I've been kinda doubting myself lately. Ive been playing 3 and a half months and heres what I've gotten down.

Stricken - Disturbed (Solo Only)
Enter Sandman- Metallica (Rhythm)
Seek and Destroy- Metallica(Rhythm)
3/4 of the Unforgiven- Metallica
Iron man- Black Sabbath (not quite done with solo)
Smoke on the Water- (half done with solo)
A few licks from Master of Puppets
a few bits and pieces from other songs.

Sometimes I find it hard to stay on one song. Like its too easy and simple, but I cant find anything in the right margin of what I'm looking for. I have a lil trouble with r3eal fast licks like the Solos from Sandman and Seek and Destroy. So how is my progress and any comments?
Feel free to flame me for my opinion!

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Whatever. If I can hear you play then I can't rate your progress. I'm sure you're doing just dandy.

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you cant rate your progress. everyone goes at a different rate. just stick with it.
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Obviously it's a matter of opinion. Can't really rate this because what you find easy, other people find hard and vice versa.

As long as you're learning and having fun then surely that's all that matters. It's not really a race to the finish.
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I personally think you should stop learning cliched and overdone songs, and either learn hard stuff (go for the jugular, always), or make your own stuff up. Also, simply saying that you know the songs doesnt mean you can play them all record-perfect. Put up recordings, and then we can rate your progress. If each song sounds like crap, and you suffer from sticky fingers (your hands arent graceful), then you havent progressed much. Try a really hard song like Flight of the BUmblebee or something, even if you dont want to be able to shred, because itll help your guitar playing out, specially now that you just started.