Got some trips in the near future and really don't have the ability to drag an amp around with my bass. Not interested in an acoustic bass. Has anyone had any experience with any of the below items? Any other similar things out there of better quality?


I've got some good headphones to use instead of what comes with these. Just would like something of good quality (and no hissing perhaps).

Appreciate the help!!!
i would go w/ the dean one, but i use a wall when i cant use an amp. anything hollow.
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well, if you want something even better than that, i reccomend a proccessor, i have one on my guitar and it has like a billion effects, plus when your done using headphones, you can plug it into your amp. oh! and most of them simulate different amps.
now would be a good time to take up double bass.

but yeah none of those pocket headphone amps are that great, but you can use better headphones with them if you wish.
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I read a few reviews on the links I posted and folks claimed they were quite "hissy". Does anyone have one without hiss? This way I can return it if is hisses...but if they all hiss...then I don't know if I want to get one. Any other companies that make them?