I'm looking to exploit the chick-magnet potential of the guitar and want to take the high road and play something that looks and sounds impressive and shredalicious instead of learning some pussy love song (an approach I've tried before...). I've been playing for a few years and can handle a fair amount of difficulty, but what I'm looking for is something that's fairly easy to play but makes you seem crazy good. Thanks
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midnight by joe satriani
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Van Halen - Eruption
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learn some green day. they are totally brutal.
Eruption, it was invented just to be a show off wank job. Tapping amazes non guitarists (even though its not that hard)

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try Simple Plan - Perfect

i swear to god that took me a whole month. omg it's so hard.

you're joking right?
I've got two words....Purple Haze!!! Can't be that difficult, cause I can play all except for the solo and I've only been playing a little over 3 months (obsessively though). And on the other side of it, it does sound and look impressive. You move your hand up and down the neck, and it's frickin' Jimi Hendrix!

Added: And if you are good you can improvise a crazy solo like Jimi did at woodstock...
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For the Love of God - Steve Vai
Tender Surrender - Steve Vai
Searching - Joe Satriani
Surfing With the Alien- Joe Satriani

anything by either of them...i think something by Yngwie or MAB would be too boring

you also need to have the facial expressions when you play or its not as good. watch Vai in tender surrender or something. you will see what i mean. without them i think you might as well be listening to the recording
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I agree with someone up there who suggested Midnight by Satch. It's a good piece for impressing non-guitarists, is relatively simple, and sounds damn good.
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just because im listening to it, Girls Girls Girls-Motley Crue
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little wing by hendrix is easy and fun and sounds great-
but do you really have to show off to get someone to like you?
Pink Floyd- Wish you were here

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