i received a guitar for christmas and i've been studying guitar theory for
about a month..i wanna start learning some songs but i wanna play songs
that will help me out with chords and other beginner techniques...
any suggestions?
wish you were here by pink flyd. good ridance (time of your life) by greenday
ah i was never a big fan of green day or nirvana songs that get so much credit but if it helps you learn chords man go for it those bands just arnt my taste i never learned the traditional beginer song of Back In Black or teen spirt i tried to study into blues things more but like i said if you wanna learn chords then there you go or google some chord designs
Seven nation army, if you know someone who is just starting out on drums or bass, this is a great song to learn together, because then you can change it around and make it cooler, thats what me and my friends did
when i started out i worked on songs to learn specific things:
finger/hybrid picking: classical gas
single note picking: one by metallica (the intro primarily)
power chords: smells like teen spirit
tapping: the forgotten by joe satriani (pt 1 or 2, dont remember lol)
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star spangled banner.........seriously it was easier then i thought.
7 nation army
O canada .....dont laugh
here comes the bride......again dont laugh. if you play it on the heavy E string it sounds dark.
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