Alright me and my friends were thinking of some cool band names and we thought of some pretty bad ass names. I was just wandering if ya 'll have some band names you might want to share.

We are a metal/alternative rock band and one of us thought of Final Glory, they thought that was pretty tight. Mine was Imperial and I was all like **** YEA but no one else really liked it that much but hey... I still say **** YEA.
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I always thought "Led Zeppelin" would be an awesome band name. I hope that hasn't been taken yet.
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I always thought "Really Hip" was a really hip band name. You could be all like, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We're Really Hip!" and then they'd... laugh... but reguardless, cool name.

I like my bands names. We are "The Slight Discomfort"
No offense, but Final Glory sounds really gay

How about...Transvestites, or Waste? I think those sound heavy (in a non-metalcore way)
Well my bands name is "Lady Luck and the Vagabonds". I thought it up myself. Pretty cool if you ask me
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Walker Rose.
The Dead Beats is the best band name i have come up with to date
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a local band is named PETE MOSS AND THE FERTILIZERS

for some reason i love that
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dragonforce is a ****ing badass name
it sounds kinda nerdy and shit with the dragon ball z stuff and all
but its just badass to have
and when you have talent like that, no one can say shit to you