so we're basically novices when it comes to recording. In the future we plan on buying some good recording equipment, but for now we want to make a demo of our cd, so we can have something done and can work on new stuff without have to feel cluttered with songs. We bought this mic cause we can use for these demo recordings and later when we do the real thing, but it turns out it needs phantom power to run, so my question what would be the cheapest thing to record with this, is there a cheap audio interface or something we can use.
maybe a behringer mixer. You could get a decent one for around or under $50 i think.
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you could return the mic and get one that runs on batteries, or a passive one?

But seriously, you can get a cheap mixer, i know behringer makes a line of entry level, small mixers. Those could feed it the evergy to bring about ultimate destruction!

or to record your demo. Totally post the demo here for us to hear.

edit: yay posting at the same time...!
anything like that for a Dell E1505 without firewire?
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