All right, so I'm having a buzzing issue with my new (used) Carvin MTS head from eBay, and I'm thinking it's a result of crossover distortion from bad biasing. I love the sound it has, but on the clean channel it has this nasty fuzzy sound sitting in the background, though on the distorted channel you can hardly tell it's there unless you palm mute, in which case there's even worse nasty fuzzy buzzy .

So anyway, I'm thinking about biasing it myself and I was wondering what materials I would need. I watched the Carvin bias video on eurotubes.com and that helped a lot, and it seems to look easy enough (with carvins it seems you just have to adjust a bias trim pot). From the video I think I'll be needing a bias meter type thing and a voltmeter type thing (yeah, that's technical talk.) My dad might be able to stop by Radioshack tommorow, so could someone give me some specific things to ask for and how much I might have to expect to pay? I suppose taking it to a tech would be ideal, but I expect I'll be doing plenty of biasing throughout my life and learning now would be better than later.

And finally, my dad and I are worried about electrocution and death Any tips on how to stay safe? It would obviously be logical to keep it unplugged, but I'm pretty sure you need it to be plugged in to bias...

Any help on the issue would be appreciated, thanks in advance
Get the middle of the road multimeter from radio shack, it should run about $40 or so and look fairly industrial. With it you can do just about any sort of measurement you'd need.

In an ideal world I'd recommend a Fluke, but you probably don't need a $150 meter.
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In an ideal world I'd recommend a Fluke, but you probably don't need a $150 meter.
Yeah, I would hope not

So is that middle of the road meter all you think I'll need? And will I have to worry too much about killing myself?
yeah if you doit pretty much like the guy on eurotubes shows you for taking measurements youll be fine. Just dont try the transformer shunt method unless you know what youre doing, because if you screw that up it can kill you.
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All right, my dad went to Radioshack today and got me a multimeter and I need to ask a few questions about exactly what to do:

1. What do I set the multimeter to? I believe it's mA?
2. Where do I put the...um... red and black cable things? (I have some basic electrical knowledge, but don't expect much...) In the eurotubes video he talks about hooking up "bias probes"; would that be the cables that come with the meter?
3. How exactly do I go about getting the amp itself out of the head? I unscrewed all the screws connection it to the bottom, but it makes up most of the weight of the amp, and it doesn't really have anything to grip to pull it out (other than the tubes ) and I'm afraid to jostle it too much for fear of doing something to the tubes.