I am a total beginner to jazz guitar, and I would like to begin learning it. Anyone know some good sites that start with the very basics of jazz, perhaps that teach some jazz standards?
If you really, truly want to learn jazz, go on eBay and try to find a copy of Sal Salvador's "Chordal Enrichment and Substitution." That is not the exact title, but the book is in my studio, and I don't have it in front of me. It is the best book for learning jazz chords, hands down. There is even a disclaimer with the book: "If you carefully study the lessons in this book, you are guaranteed to become a professional." (Or something like that...) It really worked for me. (I teach jazz guitar lessons at a local studio and play in the American Musical Repertory Ensemble at Purdue University.)
the single best way to learn to play jazz is to play it, with other musicians that are waaaaay better than you, as much as you can.