just wondering about them. i would like to install a midi pickup on my guitar so i could make music on my computer with it.

Do they pick up slides? bends? harmonics? pinch harmonics? artificial harmonics? hamerons, pull offs... say dive bombs with whammmy bars and any other tricks with whammy bars or any othyer tricks period????

Also... to do this i would only need one picklup correct? unlike a normal guitar where they should have at least two for the two different sounds. one for the neck and one for the bridge. The MIDI is all the same so i would only need one... Am I or arent I correct?

Thanks alot...

One more thing. could i install a midi pickup in a normal guitar along with the two other normal pickups it already has? so i could activate the midi pick up when im working at the computer and the other ones when im playing live or jamming or practicing?

And could you refer some nice MIDI pickups for me? thanks alot,

I really appreciate it.
you only need one, you can install it an addition to whatever other pickups your guitar has (MIDI pickups are generally very small. It will pick up things like bends and adn whammy bar stuff but not always very well. Also youll need a MIDI unit like the ones Roland makes because guitar MIDI and regular MIDI are a bit different.
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you could just plug your guitar normal into a computer, or through your amp if it has preamp output
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A guy in a local band uses the Roland - he manages to switch seamlessley between it and his normal pickups so I don't think they're overly fiddly. They're great for chords but I don't think the trackings brilliant on odd things like bends and harmonics.
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