Hey, I'm trying to play Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. If you know the song then you'll probably know it has some serious fingerpickin...

Anyways, I've been playing guitar for like...around 9 to 10 months...
And just about the only fingerpicking ive ever done is trying to strum a chord without a pick...and even that doesnt sound very good...:\
I have practised the intro and verse to Nothing Else Matters alot, and im getting ok...but everytime i try to change a chord, my timing is way off because i cant change chords and fingerpick at the same time.. (I dont think im very fast at changing chords...I play a lot of harder rock, and most of it is power chords...so im not good at open chords...)

Any suggestions and tips are VERY appreciated

and also when the song has the part where it has this chord, (arpeggio)


i cant get the last 7 on the high e to sound...its muted cuz my index finger is muting it, and i cant get it to play...>

plz help me...

practice. thats all i can say. keep playing it and playing it and playing it until you get it. you'll get frustrated and want to give up but dont. you'll never geta nywhere if you just give up. guitar is full of challenges.
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practice the chord changes before you start finger picking, as far as the barre chord you can try moving youre index finger up or down make sure youre not hitting the crease, that takes practice too.
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dude of coarse its going to be hard, thats why you practice. once u get used to something hard that you've been practicing it then becomes easier to play. good luck dude its easy once you get used to it =) practice practice practice then you can shred like a mudda fuka hehe rock on
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First if you have trouble changing chords you should practice moving between chords first without strumming then add a basic rythm. Also it sounds like you are misplacing your left hand(if you're right handed). If you can't get the highest note to play on the Em chord(the chord you tabbed out) it's probably because you hold the neck in the palm of your hand with your thumb on the top. Instead place your thumb on the middle of the back of the neck and curve your fingers more. It will feel awkward but it will help with the clarity of the chord and improve the speed of your chord movement. I hope that helps.
i learned that song when i was about 6 months starting too, likeu i found that kind of difficult, for me to learn it i started out by ommiting the last note on the 8 string, so the G wasnt harmonized, after i got my hands around the song that way, i then added in the other note. dont give up its totally worth it in the end when u got a chick and u play that song for her :P
thats it man just practice. all there is to it. im trying to learn stairway to heaven at the mo (seems every one knows how to play stairway to heaven and nothing else matters) actually i only started today and practiced for three of four hours and i can play the intro ( i think thats a pretty good achivement considering i had to learn fingerpicking today too)

rock on \m/-_-\m/
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