Hows it going guys

Im Joe.

Ive played drums about 10 years now and have an extensive home studio. I started really getting into guitar about 6 months ago so i said hell i post on a drum forum why not on a guitar forum. so here i am. Ill be around alot. im kind of a computer monger.

I play a squire with a old Crate GX-60C, its not a bad amps. I also have a DS-1, MT-2, Digitech bad monkey, and soon mabey a NS-1.

Just thought i would anounce my arrival, even though yall probably hate guitar newbs...

title says it all
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welcome Joe, this is The Pit, be careful, because if you say the wrong thing your gonna get flamed. But otherwise its a pretty awesome place
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+1. This man knows his ****.

Walker Rose.
Ah, i didnt realize there was a new members forum! Gracias amigo. But i dont really care about getting flamed, im just chillin.
Yeah i dont know if any of yall know the Pearl drummers forum "PDF" but im a heavy poster on there, and we have a "pit" sort of deal and well, anyways PDF is gay now. so ive moved here
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Quick guys lets haze him!!

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No daddy! NOOO
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No daddy! NOOO

Dude i think your gonna get along good here
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+1. This man knows his ****.

Walker Rose.
[lol squire

a lot of people on here make fun of drummers though
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Sup Joe?

Welcome to UG, wrong forum so... yeah.

Anyway, just watch your mouth on UG (considering you're 07 user) and be mature.....

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alright, ill keep that in mind.

Man i wish you could see how many posts people had really easy, cause its kinda cool to see who the senior members are and crap.
welcome to UG, joe. read the rules and descriptions and get familiar with them. enjoy!

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