ok, so only about a year ago i really got into classic rock and me not wanting at this point to spend a load on albums, ive been buying a lot of best ofs with gift cards. so far, ive got
led zeppelin
lynyrd skynyrd
eric clapton
allman brothers
guns n roses (yes i know, not cr, but whatever.
journey, (got for 25 cents from a friend of mine when he had a yard sale.)
stevie ray vaughan
santana (sort of a gift)
and jimi hendrix

so i heard a jeff beck song, and it was real good. it was you shook me off truth.

now, i highly doubt he has a best of so i was wondering if i could get a suggestion for a cd of his. and ive heard hes experimented in all kinds of genres, but id like to get his more blues rock kind of stuff.

also, im wanting to possiblyget a best of thin lizzy and pink floyd soon, and i was wondering if you guys think id like that and if youd want to suggest any other best ofs.
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I don't like best ofs. But then, a lot of people don't. It's understandable that you want the songs you know for less money, but believe me that there is so much more.

I would stop the mini-talk there, but you have mentioned Pink Floyd. If there's a major band who should have their albums purchased as a whole, it's them. I am not trying to overrate the band, but their famous albums deliver so much more in the context of the entire work instead of just splitting up the pieces. You would be missing out.

My advice on a purchase: Dark Side of the Moon is my recommendation as a starter album. Each of the main lyrical songs has pretty clear themes, the transitions lock everything together nicely, and it's a loose concept album that won't go over your head. Plus, the music is great.

However, if you go with Wish You Were Here, Meddle, Animals, or the Wall, you will probably not be dissapointed. The last three may take a little getting used to, but still very well executed stuff.

As for Jeff Beck, if you want his blues stuff, I'd just say start with Truth, or maybe Beck-Ola. I prefer Beck-Ola, personally, but Truth might be a bit better as a starter.
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1) "Best of" albums suck. Whenever I bought a best of in the past it always turned out to be a waste of money...I ended up with a bunch of that bands actual albums shortly thereafter.
2) We have a recommendation thread at the top of this forum. We put a lot of work into it, plus, its purpose is to cut down on threads like these, so go take a look at that if you want some recommendations
3) DON'T BUY A PINK FLOYD BEST OF ALBUM. It is imperative that you listen to Pink Floyd albums as a whole. Dark Side or Wish You Were Here would be a good start.


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