My band recently put some of our stuff on purevolume. Its only acoustic stuff because we cant record drums and all that, but I wanted to get some opinions from people. Heres the link: http://www.purevolume.com/absolutebliss. I would really appreciate some honest opinions. Thanks.
Oooh. Vocalist has a nice melodic sound. Guitar could use some practice, thought. :P
Thanks for the critique. I would also appreciate it if you told me which song(s) you listened to if you have a critique. thanks and sorry for being a pain.
God! (Kidding)....
I listened to all of them. I liked Push Through the most. Only critique I have is that the guitar was rough on the position/chord changes. Other than that, t'was great!
We've put another version of one of our songs on. It is a pretty rough recording, but you'll get the idea.
Hey, we put a new song called "better things" on. Its a REALLY rough recording, but we'd like to know what people think anyway.