If anyone has charter for their cable then you have "On Demand" and on occasio on the "More On Demand" channel you can go to concertes and whatch concerts. from time to time you get to watch a good concert, but its usualy jsut 3 or 4 songs. Anyway I was watching The Doors concert a few days ago and it was jsut one song, but it last about 15 minutes. He sang for 3 or 4 min and then he jsut danced... like the indian dance... kind of like he does in the movie. Its in black and white. Anyone know wher ei can get this video? Or what what its labeled as on youtube? I think the song was The End
I think I was thinking about the movie, but not the same movie you were thinking of...

This is the end my only friend the end etc etc etc?
That was the song right?
Yes, the song was in 'Apocalypse Now', but this seems to be a live video. Just search youtube or google video or something.
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I have the apocalypse now mix of "the end" and its so awesome. All these creepy noises. definately gets my official badass seal
I think I know what your talking about. I think it was an old Ed Sullivan's Show that played songs from several artists that played on the show.
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lol the doors movie was awesome. Although its tough to follow sometimesunless you on something.