Hey guys. I need some advice on what to get for my next amp. I'll be using a Gibson Standard SG with it, and I want tones ranging from hard rock to nice cleans. A Rush-esque tone(Alex Lifeson) would be awesome to have. I was thinking of a solidstate at first, but then I considered gigging when I would have to crank the volume up and the amp would sound like crap. My choice at first was the "hybrid" vox ad100vt(valvetronix series). Should I get this amp or another solidstate amp or another hybrid amp or a tube amp? price range is up to $600

Peavey Valveking, or Peavey Windsor Stack. Maybe even Traynor or Kustom amps.
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go for a nice tube amp, use an OD pedal to get heavier tones, bu tyoull be glad ot have a nice tube amp for those types of cleans and a really crunchy overdrive/distortion,

most tube amps these days have master volumes so you can play at home, and gig with it,

check into Traynor tube amps, YCV 40 is just 50 bucks or so over your limit,

there are some nice fenders for about 600,

the vox ac15 is a nice amp, more than enough juice,

and peavey classic 30 is worth checking out,

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