Not too sure but I would suggest minor scales. Minor pentatonic, natural minor, harmonic minor.
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^i already know the minor pentatonic in all positions and keys. By blues, do you mean the blues scale or pentatonic blues?

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Don't forget the major scale. I swear I've heard it used in many a Judas Priest and Iron Maiden song.
^thanks. im learning the major scale next after the pentatonic blues. im just gathering scales, so i can put them on m practice schedule.
Well...the thing about Megadeth....they really didn't use scales to tell you the truth. If you listen to Five Magics, most of the stuff in there is based off of relative 5's and 7's and some power chords.
what did scale did judas use on grinder and most of the other british steel songs?

and know any kool licks?