I really wanted to get a John Frusciante tone but someone won the auction in Ebay, so no more Ibanez WH10 Wah for me.. Any other good Wah Pedals that will give me almost the same tone as John? Thanks!
vox cylde mccoy!!!!


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But i have some worries, i've heard from people saying that i will end up modding stuff inside my vox cylde mccoy. They asked me to get RMC Wahs instead. So what should i really get? >_>
vox's are bad: they have bearly any sweep, get the dunlop 535Q without a doubt!
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Oddly enough, the Dimebag Signature Crybaby From Hell can do some of Frusciantes wah tones (think Shes Only 18), and I think he may have used the same pedal on Stadium Arcadium a few times, in addition to the countless wahs he owns.

The sweep on the CFH is amazing, especially the toe down range, it gets so trebbly that you think WOW and the pedal isnt even fully pressed down. Check out the 535q wah as it is cheaper than the CFH but is the wah that the CFH was based on (it has the same features but the CFH is said to be "a 535q on steroids"). If you dabble into metal aswell check it out, it is very versatile, i play everything on mine.
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The 535Q is a badass wah. It's the best bang for the buck and it's as close as you'll get to the CFH in the dunlop brand. Honestly, I have a Dunlop CFH wah and a Behringer "Hellbabe" They both sound similar and have a great sweep range. The Hellbabe doesn't have as many adjustments though and i think it's like $29.00 So it's a pretty good deal
i like the dunlop zakk wylde wah cuz it has a good sweep in my opinion. and the tone you want you can get through EQs and such
I never buy or recommend anyone to buy signature wahs, as they are limited in what they can do, a con, and not versatile.
Behringerv-tone(first guitar)
Epiphone les paul standard plus (cherry burst)
Flanger Pearl peddle
Marshall G15R CD
Dunlop 535Q wah

I like Epi LP's. You got a problem, PM me!
Never ever buy the GCB-095 Wah by Jim Dunlop lol
Trust me I know from experience, sure it's decent, but it doesn't have a large variety lol

Go for Dimebag's CFH Wah by Dunlop
Look for another WH10, they're on there a lot.

It's best to get something you're sure's gonna nail his tone.

But try the Dimebag one, he used it for 1 or 2 songs on SA.
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i bought a jimi hendrix wah and i was pretty satisfied with it
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check out vox's, and the 535Q is pretty good, but ive only played it a little bit
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