sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask..

Anyway, can anone give me some tips on song there its 2 guitars playing...
Me and a frind wanna play but we cant find any song for 2 guitars.... at least nothing that isent so damn hard.

it shuld be something easy-medium.
can be rock or soft song....

most sum 41 songs have 2 guitar parts, and are somewhat simple
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Any song with a solo can have two guitars...because one plays teh solo and other plays the rhythm chorus or whatevers in the background.

Like american idiot- green day
boulevard of broken dreams- green day

yeah, a lot of rock songs with 2 guitars typically have them playing the same or very similar parts for verse, but branching out into different parts, especially around the solo section.

songs like
3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
Fat Lip - Sum 41

and of course any AC/DC song.
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All guns and roses, Ac Dc, Lots of old school metal ( Iron Maiden, Judast Priest etc.. ), All 80's Rock, but that kinda gettin into difficult material , You're best bet as i just said is Ac Dc and stuff down that line
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thx for all the answers but I was hoping for a specific song.... not just. rock or metallica.
and it still shuld be easy-medium.
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Metallica - unforgiven -----there is two parts that can be played
Metallica - one-------------- there is also at least two parts to play and they are fairly easy.
Metallica - Battery----------there is at least two different part that can be played over each other.

Like someone said earlier in this thread.....there are a ton of songs with two parts, usually a rythmn section which is played for the whole song and then whatever else...(lead guitar).

And if you ain't into metallica please ignore this post.