so i started playing like, two years ago or something. Anyways, i'm not really into like... "the scene" or w/e you wanna call it. A couple friends and I decided that we wanna try the whole "band" thing, mostly for fun, but we're pretty passionate about music in general. So, I play mostly lead, but i'm working on my rythm, and my friend also plays guitar, and some bass. My other friend sings, but he's from a chorus background, not really a soloing singer. we're working on that.... anyways, we don' t have a drummer. And we don't know anyone who plays drums, or anything of that sort. But i know its important to have a live drummer (we've been working off programmed drums) and i think that my friends would take the band thing more seriously if we had one. Anyways, my question is how do you go about finding one? Posting on those ads in guitar center? Getting closer to the ""scene? etc? We don't have much material done, because none of us have been taking it very seriously (including myself, until recently) so do you think we should just work on producing more?
just talk to everyone you know, and chances are you know someone, or know someone who knows someone who plays drums.

it's funny, my band is going through the exact same thing right now, and we still haven't found anyone.

just remember, it's always better having someone who you know/like than someone you found out from a classified or something like that. as you said, it's mostly for fun, so try and keep it that way, without any tattered ego from a disenfranchised drummer getting on your nerves.

good luck!
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Or you could download Hydrogen from Sourceforge, program all the necessary drum bits, and then burn 'em to a CD. Simply run that CD through a channel in the PA, and you're good to go.

The major flaw with a computer drummer, however, is the inability to improvise. Everyone will need to have all their cues perfected in order to play out anywhere.

You might lead the wrong path if you want a band for fun and post an ad in guitar center. Most of the guys who look at those ads are probably looking for a more serious band. I have also had bad experiences with ads in music stores. Most of the time the people who call are totally inexpeienced or must have no read the entire ad. I once posted an ad to form an R&B/Party/Dance band and some guy called me saying he played stuff like Alice in Chains.....wtf?

The most comitted people I have found have came from mutual friends and because bands break up and those members look for new bands. You should start going to shows anyways even if you aren't scene. Where do you think you are going to book gigs at later? Also call up private drum instructors in your area..... they may have a student who wants to join a band but can't find one.
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hmmm a drum instructor's student, thats not a bad idea. anyways, we work off of computer generated drums right now, though i'll chekc out hydrogen to see how it goes. thanks for the advice all, and yeah if i wanted a serious guy, i'd post in guitar center, but i'm looking for somebody more to just have fun with.

thanks again
Just get one of your random friends to start playing drums for the hell of it. He might take a shine to it and be the next.....great drummer.
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