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4 100%
WD 7
0 0%
Voters: 4.
Which Pedal will be more suitable for metal, Funk and Rock (as in versatile) personally i will not get a chance to try out these pedals, i like the WD7 distorted audio sample but i am not as satisfied with the cleans though it is good too. Whereas in the Vox 847 i like the clean and the distorted is not bad.
The thing i have heard abt WD 7 is that u need to have patience while tweaking the pedal i dont mind doing that, as long as i get a gud sound.
Also does the vox have an auto off like the WD 7
guys plz stick to the topic i do not want a dunlop pedal i want only one of these

vox for funk, dunlop for rock and metal solo's etc, end of
Behringerv-tone(first guitar)
Epiphone les paul standard plus (cherry burst)
Flanger Pearl peddle
Marshall G15R CD
Dunlop 535Q wah

I like Epi LP's. You got a problem, PM me!