Posted a thread last year about building a pedal, now I'm ready for it.

I've got a solder iron of eBay and have just found a simple schematic, (I hope.)

I have chosen the EA Tremolo, which can be found here;


    I'll be hitting up Dick Smith's and hopefully getting these.

    But the questions are;

    1) Is this an easy build? ( I had no idea of eletronic's until today.)
    2) Where can I get the enclosure? As I live in Australia (Brisbane to be exact.) and don't want to pay $20 billion dollars of postage.
    3) Is a 25W Solder enough for it?

    And also can you pick up a perfboard from Dick Smiths?


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    You wil have trouble with the transistors the only one dick smith carries that you want is the 2N3904. They don't have the 3PDT switches either, or DPDT stomp switches.
    For the perfboard look for prototype board.

    If you have a Jaycar electronics near you they are better, the have DPDT stomp swicthes and suitable enclosures.