It was pretty good actually, instruments sounded great, vocals were good, sounded a bit unconfident at times, maybe a bit off, but other than that, it was great.

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yeah it rocks, and i personally am against grunge, but i don't discourage good music and that my friend is good for what it is. But my opinion would be to retake the vocals and sing them again when your more in a shit mood to get that feelin' your puttin' out there.
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This is an amazing cover, sure the song is piss easy but you have nailed it. The only slight mistake was when you sing/scream "i'm not the only one" your a bit pitchy but aside from that fantastic.

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Thanks guys. I am glad that you liked it. I did not get the:

"...more in a shit mood to get that feelin' your puttin' out there" )
The vocals need to be redone. You're off the whole time. Most of all the screams at the end, you're several steps off of the melody.

The guitars and everything sounded good. I was digging the dynamics of the drums.

You've got a good singing voice, in my opinion. Just keep practicing and focus on staying in key every single note. It's easy to lose focus when you're singing easy parts, lower range parts, and it's just as easy to get off key as it is to sing them. And for this song, the screams at the end are the where the money's at. Sing along and match his melody on the end. It's just one octave up, but you're going up a 5th or something like that - not the full octave.
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Check it out:

rape me full

Let me know what u guys think.

For the verse..like..the rape me rape me part, The guitar was slightly choppy, let the sounds ring a bit more. Also you can imitate his voice pretty well except you're off key for ..well mostly the entire song
yeah this shows promise. your voice isn't far off from kurts. you just need to work on singing in key. your voice is an instrument and requires practice like anything else. keep working on it.
Awesome job on this song. All the instruments were spot on, and the recording quality was excellent. The only thing that was off at some points were the vocals. You voice and style sounds a lot like Kurts, but you didnt hit some of the higher notes. But you'll be able to with a little practice. So just widen that vocal range a little and your pretty much there dude.
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It's really good but something I noticed on some of your other covers vocally is that it doesn't sound like your confident. You sound a lot like Kurt Cobain but your vocals are missing something. Oh and try re doing the vocals in Sappy and amking them higher. Otherwise all your other covers are really cool. And what settings did you use for smells like teen spirit because it sounds almost perfect.
Yeah, I know i aint no vocalist, but im glad that you liked the cover over all. I actually have problems singin in key and high notes. In fact I cannot sing high notes. Anyway. For my recent recordings Ive been using my POD xt live. So smells like teen spirit tone is all on my pod, dude. I am not sure what settings are you looking for. Lets say on my POD the amp model i had was Double Verb, with Blackface cab model. For the intro specifically, which is by no means close to the CD version, i used a different amp, but I forgot which model exactly. The cover is actually poorly mixed, but I am still learning about micing. Rape me I think has much better mixing..
yeah, I have no idea how to really mix anything to make it sound that good. I just put my crappy $20 mic next to my amp and record. It's hard to get good tone because what I hear when it's played live is a lot different the what it sounds like after its recorded. Here's my two Nirvana covers if you wanna take a look.

Guitar is A+. Vocals need to be done again. i think you got the voice in you, but there was just no emotion at all. The "screams" you did at the end are pretty bad.