i was just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on putting a killswith on an ibanez iceman IC400, and keep in mind i still want the dials and i dont want to ruin the finish or anything, which is why im asking for pointers....so yer can someone tell me how to install it and stuff because i really want to get into gear building and customizing
i think you sort of already have one, if its got two volume knobs (one for each pick up)

then just turn the volume all the way down on the one you're not using, and you know... up on the one you're playing on; then just flip the selector switch up and down a lot really fast
(if its a three position switch, just going to the middle position works ok, but all the way if you dont like it; or you could just replace the swith with a two way; or some even fancier crap with it, but try the volume thing)

you might see some people do this with gibsons and epis too.
To the core!
yer that'd work but i'd prefer a killswitch because i tend to switch pickups a lot in my own stuff, dont know why but i do...

so yer, anyone else?
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