Anybody know anywhere in London that stocks the Ibanez Valbee amp?

I've been doing a little hunting on the web and I can't seem to find anthing other than online retailers.

I really want to play this amp, its got all the features I want, but at the same time, I've heard some dodgy things about it as well, so I really want to play it to makes sure its for me

If anybody can help, I'd be very grateful
Your best bet would be to crack open the yellow pages and have a ring around. That way you can find if they have any in stock, rather than go by the word of some guy from UG who may not have been there in months
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Not a bad idea mate.

Went into my local music shop, they'd never even heard of it
You tried Denmark Street?

It's a street just off Tottenham Court Road full of guitar stores, if you can't find it there, then I'm not too sure where else to find it.

There's also "Sound Control" under Virgin Megastores, but you'd have to check the site beforehand to see if they have it. www.soundcontrol.co.uk

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Run around Charing Cross and Tottenham Court road, several great shops there, like Macari's or Turnkey's.
Its payday tomorrow, so I'm going to make my monthly pilgrimmage to Denmark Street

I don't recall seeing a great deal of Ibanez amps in that neck of the woods though, and definately not a bright blue one
^ yeah, denmark street is good for guitars, by and large, not amps (though it has improved recently).

GAK has it (i think), but a train ticket to brighton is liable to cost you more than the actual amp... o_O
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