I have a Bill Lawrence L-500XL bridge pickup ready to be installed. It will be installed on a guitar with 1 Volume and 1 Tone Knob along with a Les Paul style 3 way switch.

The pickup has 4 wires: Bare, Black, Red, White+Green (Mixed together).

I need the circuit diagram for it if possible, or you could just tell me where to solder them.

Oh and how do I ground a wire? Thanks
I have a L-500 of some sort sat round at the moment too, but none of the wires are soldererd together at the moment, and I thought they were. I don't actually know myself. I would wire it like a SD to start with, but it could be wired differently, ie like a Dimarzio or something.
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Seymour Duncan has a "Pickup Color Coding" schematic in their schematic section. There's a little diagram for Bill Lawrence pickups.
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Yeah I finally figured it out according to the SD website. Sounds great, but I heard that you could get different sounds if you switch the wires around, but I don't know what combination is what
Series/Parallel Wiring - Series is standard wiring, Parallel is brighter has 30% less output than Series, kinda like single coils but still hum cancelling
Coil Split - You use one of the coils - Single Coil tone
Phase Switch - Puts the pickup out of phase with itself, kinda nasal thin sound. SD describes it as honky, as well.

SD has schematics on how to do em all. I think Series/Parallel is the most useful...Coil split don't really work unless you have a higher output HB, cause a split coil has half the output of the normal HB. Beck HB's often rate at 7-ish for DC resistance, so they end up being pretty low output in single coil mode.