Hey Guys

I Recently started recoring alot of my own music but the quality of playing a mic infront of my amp aint that good. I was wondering if i bought a line in cable from my amp to my pc would the quality be better i have spoke to a few people on this and someone said that you would need an interface or it will sounds crappy.

Thanks In Advance Guys
It's not the interface that will miraculously make it sound better. What kind of soundcard to you have? What kind of mic? What kind of amp? What kind of sequencing software? Need to know what your recording chain is currently.

All of these things effect the quality. If you want to run from your line out of your amp to the line in of your soundcard you'll need a DI box with cab simulation. Because distortion sounds weird when it's not driven into a speaker cabinet. Try it...you'll see.
Whatever you do, make sure you dont plug your external speaker jack on your amp into the soundcard. Being the stupid kid i am, i did this, and ended up screwing up my sound card. So use the headphone output.
Thx for the feedback guys

My equip i've got right now is

A pretty bad onboard soundcard its a SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio
A pretty crappy logitech headset mic lol
and a i know ill get grilled for this its a marshall MG15CD amp

for the mixers ect could you guys give me some links and price ranges that sorta thing please

Don't beat yourself up for using what you can afford. You're not a spoiled brat so you'll appreciate the good stuff when you get it. Anybody gives you shit for it it's because they define themselves by material ownership, rather than anything to do with music.

And now I have to laugh because I just looked up your amp and it's kick ass! It has an emulated line out. That's sweet. That means you shouldn't need a DI box. According to Musician's Friend, your amp is perfect for recording.


So yeah, just run a cable from the emulated line out (probably mono), to your soundcard (probably stereo - so you're going to need an adapter for one end or the other). And rock on. Looks to me like that's all you need.

Post something up later when you get it going ok? I'm really curious how your amp is going to sound. You'd be amazed at the wall of sound you can get from a little amp like that.
Hey Dude Thanks Alot

Im gonna order the cable in the morning hopefully have it on monday or tuesday and i'll give it a bash then hopefully it'll sound pretty good .

I thought my amp sucked lol as you probably noticed i ain't big on the technical recording side of guitar im more of a give me a guitar and any old amp and i can play kinda guitar player lol

It's only recently i got bored of playing other poeples stuff and decided to write my own i needed to know bout recording and that side of it but thanks for all your help ill try it out and get back to you with the results .