I need rock and roll like sounds for powerpoint for a school project (rock and roll hall of fame) Any links or suggestions??
I dont know, but make youre powerpoint frames, and import them into movie maker, then put "somke on the water" as the music.

Openit up full screen on the telly, and press play and hide the search bar thing at the bottom (so it looks like a powerpoint show) Memorise where all the slide changes are, and click youre fingers just before the slide changes (that you made on MM)

Then if the teacher asks, how do you make the slide changes?!, tell him its click activated, and ask him if he wants to try it, and when it dosent work for him, he'll look like an idiot.

would be a funny prank
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if you have any method of recording stuff, just play short clips on guitar, and import them into your power point. but the movie maker thing might work too...
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