hi i was wondering what those box things were called that u put ur pedals in. i've got a few pedals now and i know im going to find it awkward if they're all over the floor. also, i would appreciate if someone could recommend me some which are of good value, and not too expensive. Thanks in advance.
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A pedal board I think your looking for.

I cant recommend any though, as im pedalless
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^buy some then. you cheapskate

you could make your own pedalboard. can't be too hard.
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I'm pedalless, too (MINIMALIST FTW!), but I know that Warwick make these pedal boards built into suitcases. I think they've even got a power supply built in.

Most people make pedal boards themselves, though. You can buy an aluminium case at some hardware store, and bolt your pedals down to the lid, along with a power supply. Then, if you need to take it with you to a gig, just pull out the guitar and amp cables, close the case and there you go.
Geez, go make one yourself.
Get a piece of wood, some velcro, attach, then attach power source. DONE.
That's what most of the UG'er did anyway.
that pedaltrain is pretty ludicrous, its $300 for a piece of steel, u could make ur own :/
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^buy some then. you cheapskate

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It's not hard to make a starter pedalboard for your pedals. A peice of plywood cut to size, two handles on the sides for easy transport, a power bar, and lotsa velcro.

Ta-da! You have a pedalboard.
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use the plywood/velcro method, and get a visual sound one-spot power adaptor. it's the best invention ever- unless you can afford the dunlop power brick.
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