Im going to try out Jan 20th, they told me to play a prepared piece for them, and that they will ask me questions about 7th chords, and also give me a piece to sight read. The sight read piece could be either a 12 bar blues progression, jazz, salsa, or whatever, and each gets progressively harder, but they dont ask you all of it. They also do some ear exercises, call and response, where they play something and you try to play it again.
I suggest you start sight reading sheet music NOW, youll be ahead of the game I think. And yes it depends on how good you play. Work your ass off, itll help you. Theres like a 45% chance of getting in for me.
Why will I mostly likely make it? I'm better than most at 2 years in but, not meaning to brag. It's a fact. And I'm just starting to site read, in the school band.. again because I've always played snare.. so now I'm gonna stop putting of sight reading. I know the notes, just need to practice it with guitar
Saving money is most important.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
Thats gonna be hard. I was expecting myself to get a full ride to berklee but lets be realistic. Ive only been playing 3 years, and there are kids that have been playing since a very young age, and can sight read, and play multiple instruments, and know alot of theory and such. Unless you work on all that starting NOW, you wont get a full scholarship. The other scholarship they offer is one that you submit a CD with 3 original recordings. If they like it, you could get up to 8,000 dollars.
That sounds kind of rude. But thanks. And by put it down I dont mean stop playing obviously, but dont play it AS MUCH as you do now, if you are technically proficient. Work on the mind aspect, its what will get you into there.
I read music but i prefer both tabs and notation
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