...One of these:

I will probably be trying one out myself at some point in the next week or so, but I'd be interested to hear what people's impressions are of them particularly with regard to reliability, tracking accuracy and - assuming you've actually bought one - whether or not you actually use it much, or if it's one of those pedals that you muck about with for a few days and then lose interest in. Clips would be even better.
Satch uses it on the song Super Colossal, and somewhere on the net there is a clip of him explaining about it, but I dont remember where I saw it
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I'd like to hear about it, post after you've tried it.

I'd play one myself, but we have to wait ages to get new products down here in Australia.
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Seen someone playing one on the internet. Not sure where. Might be Gearwire. It sounds excellent!
This is the only clip I've seen of it up to now:


I haven't seen the clip of Satch using it, but I'd already seen that clip on the free DVD you get with EH pedals. The organ sounds look interesting.

I'd like to hear about it, post after you've tried it

I will try and remember to do that, at £250 I am definitely going to have to try it before I even think about buying it, you could get a reasonably good guitar for that!