I can't stop getting the unwanted noise from strings when I switch notes or I seem to cut the notes short trying to avoid those sounds. (like in What it's like by Everlast) OR I am dragging my fingers to much and getting that scrape sound trying to get to the next notes. (like in Rock you like a hurricane by the scorpions) Any suggestions?
Try to play it really slow and pinpoint exactly what you need to do to make it stop. Then work on fixing that.

I dont know. Really, just keep playing the song until you get it right.
u tried lightly resting ur right palm over all the strings as ur playing? it helps dampen scratches and stuff
Its all in your fretting hand technique. The unwanted noise you are getting from the string is because you dont leave the fretboard cleanly. By that I mean you are slightly pulling down on the string when you leave it thus causing it to vibrate. If you leave the string without pulling on th estring then you will get a clean not and no extra noise.
The scratching noise you are getting is again due to how you are shifting chords (im guessing its th eintro you are talking about for rock you like...) just practice raising your fretting hand slightly higher than you are so you are not touching the strings.

PM if you need any more help!


maybe ur snatching the string after tapping it with ur left hand fingers or that ur not resting ur right hand on the bridge so that strings stop vibrating and producing unwanted sound as ur playing other notes !!
let go smoothly and straight of and not across. I have the same problem and this is what i find helps the most.