I'm looking for a small tube amp I can use for recording, and the Hiwatt Custom 7 seems like a pretty good choice since I've loved the Custom 100's and 50's that I've played.

Has anyone had any experience with this amp? It's fairly new so I'm not expecting a huge response to this. But I absolutely love Hiwatts (especially Fripp's tone back in the glory days of King Crimson, and Martin Barre's tones).

Also does anyone know the approximate Canadian retail price on these things?
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I've not actually heard of that model, I'm just familiar with the ones from the 60's, but wow, that thing looks pretty great.

However, I doubt many people have played one here, so it's probably best to try and find one near you...
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I haven't tried that one, but the stage/studio model I tried ruled.

Very expensive, though.
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