i'm mad yet kinda proud of myself that i blew a speaker. it's only a fender frontman 15r, and the volume was only on like 5. im just gonna put an 8 inch car speaker in it lol i need this amp though cuz i live in a very small dorm and can't fit any thing bigger in there. but my question is will a regular ol' car speaker with the same specs work? its 8ohm and 8 inch speaker
i dont think the speaker will be able to handle the guitar frequencies.
worst case, it'll blow too.
the ohms match tho.

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well the speaker it has in it now couldnt be much different from a car speaker... this one looks exactly like one. but im willing to take the chance since i need something by next thursday cuz i start guitar lessons on that day.
well i need one by next thursday... and i can't buy one where i live.. i will have to order one, and guitar center doesnt have any 8inchers and wont have one in for like 2 weeks if i were to order one.... im moving on sunday back to my dorm so im in a crunch, i also cant afford a new amp. but hell ill just have to wait and see what happens.