is it possible to put a floyd rose on a les paul?
if it is how much do FRs cost?
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It is possible to do.
Neil Schon has his signature Gibson LP with a FR,
I've also enquired about the price,
But haven't found out the cost yet.
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According to the FR built for the les paul. No body work is needed. But some neck work is required.

I was just about to post that

There's an Epiphone Les Paul Studio with a Floyd Rose , but if you just want a Floyd Rose, you'd have to route the body. (Unless it's the Les Paul FR)
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My guitar instructor has a Burny Les Paul with a Floyd Rose. He mentioned that he bought it specifically b/c he didn't want to do any routing, etc to a real Les Paul. I assumed that this Burny came from the factory with it...I don't know a lot about them but I believe they're pretty good copies. Someone on here has a couple of them...can't remember his name.
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A Bigsby is nothing like a Floyd Rose, stop recommending them to him.

You can do it, but it'd require a lot of routing and would be expensive to get someone else to do it.
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