what would i need to do to get build in effects, i have heard stories of tremolo's and phasers and the such, so how would i go about installing these? would i need to put the boards from pedals in my guitar? and has anyone got wiring diarams and the such?
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You can buy some here as well: http://www.guitarfetish.com. They also make some great pickups/parts. I've got about a half dozen different types of pickups from them and have used them to mod/upgrade several guitars.
I have heard that the effects from guitarfetish suck. I think it would be better to rip out the cuts of a pedal, maybe shield it, and install it in a guitar. Routing will probably be needed, I was thinking to do this myself, but my pedal was to big.

Simply, the thing you want to do is to place the pedal before you output jack. However, you will need some sort of on/off switch for the pedal, my first thought is to place this switch on the wires leading from the battery to the pedal, because a regular stomp-box drains batterys, even if the pedal is set to off. It's when you take away your cord from the input of the pedal when the battery usage stop.