What exactly is the difference? I just bought an electric, and while changing the strings (only set I had) the A string snapped. I know if I use the A from an acoustic set it'll be too thick, but could I use one of the lighter guage acoustic strings, or would this generally not be a good idea?

The best answer, of course, is to just buy new strings...which I plan to do. Just curious if this switch would work in a pinch. I'm using .12's on my acoustic, and .10's on the electric.
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Not sure but im guessing if you use an acoustic string on and electric the bridge may be harmed due to the heaviness of the strings.

But that is just a guess


i don't think you'd find the correct size in that acoustic set, and it would no longer be a set, right?
and wound acoustic strings are bronze and electric are nickel i think, so i'm not sure if it would work normally with your pickups.
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Yeh acoustic strings are bronze and electric nickel. Acoustic strings are also sort of rougher if you know what i mean.
just curious, would a high e acoustic string work on a electric?
i could be wrong, but i think it would work, maybe use a lighter string, but even though there wound with different metals, there still steel in the center, and isnt that what the pickups pick anyways?
It would be fine. On my acoustic the bottom 3 are acoustic 12s, the top 3 are electric 10s. It works fine AND lets me bend.